WingCash Forum update: +Twitter Bootstrap, -Formish, faster

Six years ago, we began building WingCash using only HTML5 and jQuery. CSS frameworks weren’t mature enough at the time, so we built application-specific HTML that we had to maintain on our own. We also used a Python library called Formish, which seemed popular at the time.

As of October 2015, there are now several excellent CSS frameworks, while Formish hasn’t been maintained in years. Over time, we’ve been phasing out Formish, replacing it with a library called Deform. However, to use the latest version of Deform, we needed to use it with Twitter Bootstrap v3.

Two months ago, we decided it was time to make the jump into a proper CSS framework and drop Formish. We converted every template and all of the Javascript code. Today the result is live! Check out the new, especially the wallet, transfer history, and settings. I think the site looks much cleaner now. It’s not very different, but there is a lot more polish.

We also sped up the transfer history for people who have participated in 500 or more transfers. We now take advantage of DataTables’ server-side mode. It seems to work very well.

Next, we’re planning to let businesses theme WingCash and expose it under their own subdomain or domain. Bootstrap makes it possible for us to do that. Stay tuned!