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WingCash is Now Open Source

We’ve been planning our open source release for years and last week we finally released it. I’m really excited! Now I feel like we have some news we can spread around.

To be honest, when WingCash was proprietary, anything I said about WingCash felt a little hollow. How could anyone actually take advantage of all our work? Sure, anyone could sign up at the web site and take a cash offer or two, but that was only a little bit different from what they could do by clipping a coupon. Merchants could take more advantage of our features, but we had so much more in mind. We wanted to extend our reach.

Now anyone can download the code, use it, improve it, and find ways to use our tools to solve financial problems everywhere. How cool is that? I look forward to finding out what people are interested in doing with it. What can we do together with a system that has all these features available?

  • Immediate, final cash transfers
  • Send cash to any email address
  • Reports
  • Payment codes
  • Multiple currencies
  • Gift, loyalty and rewards cash
  • Promotional cash that expires
  • Offers (free, funded, or for purchase)
  • Multiple issuers / providers
  • Deposit to a bank account
  • Social media integration
  • Point of sale app
  • Funds settlement
  • RSS / Atom / JSON feeds
  • API for mobile apps

Think about it! :relaxed:

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