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WingCash Sandboxes Are Ready!

The sandbox feature is the last feature we planned for and it is now working. We invite everyone interested in building on WingCash to create a sandbox. A sandbox is an isolated site and database where you can try things out without worrying about accidentally spending real money. You can even issue yourself money in a sandbox (lots of it.) Use your sandbox for testing and demos, but don’t use it for production! Sandboxes may be suspended or deleted as necessary.

Behind the scenes, a sandbox is a Docker container running the vanilla wcbuild project with a few trivial Buildout settings. Nginx sits in front and proxies custom host names to Docker ports. A sandbox is essentially the same as what you can get by building the software yourself, but this way, anyone can set it up with a few clicks and it’s immediately available on the Internet.

My first sandbox is at . Create your own by visiting .